$30,000 longines rider challenge

A $30,000 cash prize will be awarded to the rider who accumulates the most points in the Open Jumper classes. Riders will receive points for their best finish in each class, regardless of which horse they are riding. Points willbe awarded for the rider's actual placing (for example, if one rider finishes 1st and 3rd, the 4th place rider will still receive points assigned to 4th place even though no points for 3rd will be awarded). Riders who are tied in any class will each receive the points assigned to that placing. Open to all riders. The leading rider must wear the LONGINES Rider Challenge arm band when competing. In the event of a tie in the $30,000 LONGINES Rider Challenge, the placing in class #402 will determine the winner. 

Presentation of the award will be immediately following the Grand Prix and special awards presentations.

Winner must ride for the presentation.

Photo Credit: Kristin L. Gray
2021 Longines Rider Challenge Winner Mclain Ward