The Hampton Classic's phenomenal growth and success over the past 40 years has been due in significant part to our collective willingness to listen to all our constituents: riders, owners, trainers, grooms, spectators, sponsors, and advertisers. Each and every voice counts…especially yours!
Please contact us directly with your thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, and praise. You can email us at info@hamptonclassic.com or speak to any member of our Board of Directors or Equestrian Advisory Committee.

board of directors

Emily Aspinall (Vice President)

Georgina Bloomberg (Secretary)

Stephanie Bulger

Stormy Byorum Good

Lisa Deslauriers (Chairman)

Joe Fargis

Brianne Goutal-Marteau

Louis Jacobs

Silas Marder

Alice Michaels 

Philip Richter (co-Treasurer)

Dennis Suskind (President)

Brian Sweeney (co-Treasurer)

McLain Ward

Joey Wölffer

Diana Brennan (Honorary)

Conrad Homfeld (Honorary)

Tinka Topping (Honorary)


equestrian advisory committee

Ashley Baker

Brooke Baldwin Degrazia

Craig Bergmann

Laura Bowery

Ariel & Daniel Bluman

John Brennan

Missy Clark

Christian Currey

Grace Debney

Lucy Deslauriers

Mario Deslauriers

David Distler

Jenny Dunion

Heidi Earle

Bobby Ginsberg

Steven Green

Marsia Holzer

Tory Ketchum

David Kratz

Linda Langmeier

Matt Lowe

Peter Lutz

Stacia Madden

Denise Maynard

Mary & Neil O'Connor

Mercedes Olivieri

Rodrigo Pessoa

Katie Robinson

Allen Rheinheimer

Callan Solem

Liz Soroka

Debbie & Steve Stephens

Cindy Sulzberger

Ali & Shane Sweetnam

 Ellen & Jimmy Toon

 Mandy & Jagger Topping

 Danielle & Jimmy Torano

Alex & Andrew Welles

Cynthia Williams