What is the Hampton Classic?

Located in Bridgehampton, New York, the Hampton Classic offers a unique event marketing opportunity that combines a spectacular weeklong social event with world-class equestrian competition.
The Hampton Classic is one of the country’s largest and most prestigious hunter/jumper horse shows. It is a major attraction on the international show-jumping circuit.

What type of riding takes place at the Hampton Classic?

Show-Jumping: Jumpers are judged solely on their ability to jump obstacles and how quickly they do so. The $300,000 Grand Prix is the Hampton Classic’s premiere
show-jumping competition on the final Sunday, and features World Cup and Olympic equestrians.

Hunters: Hunters are judged not only on their ability to negotiate obstacles, but also on the style in which they do so. They should display jumping athleticism, manners, style, and an even pace. 

Equitation: Equitation classes judge the rider, not the horse. The rider must demonstrate a good seat and hands, and sufficient management of the horse to perform the required tests, either over fences or on the flat, in a smooth, controlled, and efficient manner. Primarily geared for riders under the age of 21, future show-jumping stars often get their start in this discipline.


How do I become a sponsor of the Hampton Classic?

The Hampton Classic prides itself in creating corporate sponsorships specifically tailored to each corporation’s specific marketing needs and budgets. Most entry level sponsorships begin at $7,500 for basic on-site amenities and go up to six figures for our largest opportunities, which include elements such as Title Sponsorship of a competition, extensive on-site entertaining, branded show jumps, and much more. Please click here to see the Sponsor Report for a better idea of the range of amenities we offer our sponsors.


Fast Facts about the Hampton Classic:

  • More than 1,600 horses routinely compete at the Hampton Classic, with entries ranging from the smallest Leadline competitor at two years of age, all the way up to gold medal Olympians in the $300,000 Grand Prix.
  • FEI World Cup Qualifier
  • Approximately $800,000 in prize money is awarded each year
  • 80+ vendors exhibit in the Boutique Garden and on Stable Row 
  • More than 50,000 spectators attend the Hampton Classic over the eight days of the show, including celebrities, socialites, politicians, and some of the most influential business decision-makers in the country.


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