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Hampton Classic Revising Schedule for This Week’s Horse Show

Grand Prix Ring Classes Being Moved to Other Rings While Sand is Installed

Bridgehampton, NY – August 29, 2021 – The Hampton Classic is revising its schedule for this week’s horse show and will modify the footing in its Grand Prix Field. All classes previously scheduled for the Grand Prix Ring are being moved to other rings with a fully revised schedule to be announced on Monday.

Following its 2018 event, the Hampton Classic did a $1million renovation of the footing in the Grand Prix Ring and in 2019 it rode well and received positive reviews. Despite an additional year for the grass to mature, Sunday’s opening jumper class showed that the grass did not hold up.
“We're going to pull off the grass top of the field for an area of about 250' x 350' and bring in sand,” said Hampton Classic President, Dennis Suskind.  “The base under the grass has a fiber/sand/soil combination that drains well so we’re hopeful that it will be rideable for big classes this weekend. If that proves not to be the case, we'll plan to run all big jumper classes in other rings and possibly put lower-level competitions in the Grand Prix Ring.”
The Hampton Classic will provide updates as new information becomes available.