Spectator and General Questions:

How can I subscribe to the Hampton Classic Newsletter?

From time to time we send out an e-mail newsletter. Click here to get on the list!

What are the 2022 show dates?

August 28-September 4, 2022

Do you have polo at your event? 

No, there is no polo at the Hampton Classic.  Prior to 2015 polo was played in Bridgehampton at Two Trees Farm. Bridgehampton Polo Club is currently in search of a new venue.

I am interested in working at the Hampton Classic this summer or during the show week. 

See our  Employment Application. You can fax the completed application to us at (631) 537-5443. If you prefer, you may call our office to make an appointment. most job openings are for individuals wanting to work outside on one of our maintenance crews. We do not currently have any office jobs open. 

I am interested in volunteering at the Hampton Classic this summer and/or serving on one of the show committees.
See our Committee/Volunteer form.  If you are 16 and under see our Junior Committee Form. You can fax the completed form to us at (631) 537-5443 or mail it to Hampton Classic POB 3013, Bridgehampton, NY 11932.  We will call you once we receive your completed form.  If you prefer, give us a call at (631) 537-3177 and we will send you the form by mail.

I am interested in advertising in the Hampton Classic's Official Show Program.
Please click here for advertising forms and information in our Sponsor section. For more information contact our office.

I am interested in becoming a sponsor of the Hampton Classic (Corporate or Personal).
Please click here and see our Sponsor section . For more information please contact our office and request sponsorship information.  We will send you a complete information package.

I'd like information about obtaining a VIP Table at this year's Classic.
VIP Tables are available only as part of overall sponsorship packages (corporate or personal). Click here to contact our office for Sponsor Information.  Click here for  Personal Sponsorship VIP Table Forms.

How can I list my house (motel, inn, etc.) on your Accommodations Page? Click here for Accommodations information.

Where can I find hotels, motels, or bed & breakfasts near the Classic?
Our website has an extensive list of accommodations, including houses for rent during the Classic.  Click here for Accommodations information.

How can I submit my artwork for next year's poster? Click here.

Can I buy Hampton Classic souvenirs online? Yes. Click here.

I'm interested in having a vendor booth at the Hampton Classic.  Click here for Boutique Vendor Application and Guidelines.   Click here for Food Vendor Applications and Guidelines.

What forms of payment are accepted at the shops at the Hampton Classic? All our shops accept cash and  most major credit cards.  Many also accept checks.  Bridgehampton National Bank has an ATM on site, available from 8:30AM to 6PM daily.

Is the Hampton Classic televised?  WVVH-TV (telecast via UHF and Cablevision to the East End and streamed on the web at www.wvvh.com) will air a daily 4-hour telecast live from the Hampton Classic. Additional broadcasts to be announced.

What happens at the Classic if there is bad weather? Generally, the show goes on, rain or shine.  We only cancel or postpone competition if the weather conditions are so severe as to threaten the safety of horses or humans (riders or spectators).

Can I bring my dog to the show?   Bringing dogs to the show is discouraged because they are not permitted in many areas and can't be left in parked cars. Dogs are permitted at the Hampton Classic only if they are on a leash. They are not permitted in any of our tents, nor are they permitted in the Boutique Garden or in any food service area.  They are also not allowed in the grandstands or VIP tents.
Dogs or other pets may not be left in any car parked on our showgrounds.  If a dog or any animal is found in a parked car, the car will be opened, the pet placed in an off-site holding area, and the owner will be subject to a fine.  This rule is for your pet's protection!

Can I bring alcoholic beverages onto the Hampton Classic showgrounds?   No, we do not permit anyone to bring any alcoholic beverages to the Classic.  However, there are several licensed bars offering beer, wine and spirits on the showgrounds and anyone of legal drinking age may purchase alcoholic beverages at these designated areas.

Can I bring a picnic or other food to eat at the Classic?  You are welcome to bring a picnic to the show and to eat it at one of the umbrella patio tables in our Boutique Garden.

What food is available on site?  There are several fast food stands and a main spectator food court, all of which offer a wide variety of fast food ranging from hot dogs, burgers and French fries to salads, sandwiches and wraps.  Prices are moderate and there are shaded areas to enjoy your meal.  Spectator food is available from very early morning until late afternoon.  Our Official Caterer providing food service in our VIP Tents and Corporate Chalets is Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs.

Does the Hampton Classic provide handicapped access and facilities?  The Hampton Classic has marked handicapped parking areas and our main grandstands have a wheelchair-accessible front row.  All VIP tents are wheelchair accessible.  There are several portable toilets on the showgrounds that are accessible to wheelchairs.  Guests who have limited mobility should remember that the Hampton Classic show site is grass and that all roads and most walkways are gravel surfaced.  Hampton Classic staff can also provide limited golf cart transportation for mobility-challenged guests.  Please call our office in advance if you anticipate needing special assistance.

What should I wear when I attend the Hampton Classic?  The Classic is a casual, country, daytime, outdoor event.  "Country Casual" wear is just fine and be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, remembering that our showgrounds are grass and our roads and walkways are either grass or gravel-surfaced.  Both women and men sometimes have fun wearing "fancy hats", especially Grand Prix Sunday,  but this is never a requirement!  Please keep in mind that there is very little shade at the Classic and that all grandstand seating is open to the sun.

What is the best time to come to the Hampton Classic?  Most spectators find that by arriving in the mid-to-late morning and staying to mid-or-late-afternoon that they can watch the main show jumping events of the day, visit our Boutiques Garden (shopping area) and our Exhibition Area Kids' Tent, all in a relaxed and enjoyable way.  You can see a map of the classic here .


Rider and Competitor Questions:

How do I place feed orders?  There is an Advance Feed Order form in your Prize List or you can find it in the Entry Form section of our website. This form may be faxed to our office (631-537-5443).

If I have sent in my entry form and need to make a change, how can I do so?

You should read the prize list rules very carefully to determine if the changes are permitted and if there is any penalty for changes. In most cases we can work with you to add or delete classes and/or to substitue horses. Please note that we never accept changes by telephone. You should fax any changes to us (fax: 631-537-5443) and then follow up with a telephone call to discuss the changes with Troy Powell or another show secretary (631-537-3177).

How high are the fences (jumps) at the Hampton classic?

Fence heights are listed in the Prize List under each class listing.

How do I reserve a stall at the Classic?

Stalls must be ordered on an entry blank. Demand always exceeds supply for stalls at the Classic so please order early. Stalls are not available for horses only showing on Opening Day. One "spare" (tack, grooming or junk) stall may be ordered for every three competing- horse stalls. 

Who are the Show Officials for this year?

See the Prize List for a complete list of show officials.

Are there any changes for this year?

The Prize List is always available at the end of May. Any changes or updates to the show are highlighted at the beggining of the Prize List.

How can I get a Prize List?

Click here for the online Prize List or email Troy Powell in our show office to request a paper copy of the Prize List.