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ASPCA Offers Animals For Adoption At Hampton Classic

 Rescued horses, dogs, cats and more made available for new owners

Two donkeys named Rose and Violet and a former racehorse named Nate were the most popular animals during ASPCA Adoption Day at the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show. All three equines were adopted by the Project Sage Horse Rescue, which brought them to the Hampton Classic to be part of the day's activities.

The Project Sage Horse Rescue, based in Northport, N.Y., was founded I 2010 by Brittany Rostron and her cousin Steven Katz.

Hayley Barnhill, who on Sunday won a Local Professional Hunter Rider championship ribbon, rode Nate around the Anne Aspinall Hunter Ring for about 10 minutes, at all three gaits, to demonstrate his demeanor and his training. Barnhill had never ridden Nate, a 9-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, before.

"He was great and easy to ride. I had a lot of fun on him," Barnhill said.

The Project Sage team also brought a yearling hinni (a cross between a donkey and a miniature horse) and a gray draft horse-cross for adoption.

Grand prix rider Georgina Bloomberg, who is an ASPCA ambassador, implored the more than 100 people in attendance, "This is you're chance to learn some of the issues facing animals and to make a difference. It's your chance to be a voice for animals."

Bloomberg has rescued five dogs, two donkeys and a pig.

Jill Rappaport, NBC-TV's animal advocate, hosted the ASPCA Adoption Day activities. Looking at the horses available for adoption, Rappaport said, "They have the same heart and soul as the horses competing here at the Hampton Classic. And I believe that they know when they've been saved-and they'll thank you every day for it."


Hayley Barnhill (left) and Georgina Bloomberg urged people to take an animal home during ASPCA Adoption Day at the Hampton Classic.